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Love your journey, day by day

Outpatient Counseling,Case Management,    Behavioral Health Rehab

Integrative Wellness Coaching Services

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Personal Discovery Through the Journey of Recovery

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Individual & Family Counseling

Our therapists work with clients from a person-centered and recovery-oriented perspective using various interventions for adults, children, and families experiencing substance abuse, mental illness, trauma, & grief.

Behavioral Health Rehab

Our rehab specialists work with clients using individualized person-centered, recovery-oriented, and strengths-based psycho-education services for adults, children, and families experiencing issues concerning mental illness, substance abuse, trauma, and grief. The application of psycho-education teaches clients skills to apply daily, which help them accomplish goals set in therapy sessions with their counselors.

Case Management

Our case managers refer and link individuals and families to community resources and services, which support an improved life quality. Case managers also serve as advocates for individuals; working to ensure that all basic life needs are met in addition to providing professional supports for those involved in drug, family, or mental health court and individuals who require advocacy with other health care professionals.

Integrative Wellness Services

Life coaching is personal discovery; discovering who you are, your gifts, your talents, and realizing life dreams buried under years of emotional trauma and mental chatter.

Traditional life coaches guide you in reaching goals and make changes in all areas of your life. An integrative life coach does that AND helps you heal by empowering you toward life change through holistic tools, techniques, and action plans. Our coaches help you unlock your potential and empower you to be your absolute best; creating lasting, meaningful change. You will gain freedom from your past, overcome harmful habits, and reprogram patterns blocking your fulfillment. You will learn to take action to live the life you most desire.